Trending News Today: Second Opinions from Doctors Linked to Initial Misdiagnosis

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A new study finds that more than 20% of patients who sought a second opinion were misdiagnosed by their primary care providers, according to The Washington Post. The results of the study showed that 12% of patients who had a specialist at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN, review their cases had received correct diagnoses. The remaining patients received diagnoses that were partly in line with the conclusions of the Mayo physicians who evaluated their conditions, the Post reported.

As Mylan continues to receive criticism over the spike in cost of the EpiPen, the company has been hit with a new proposed class action lawsuit alleging they overcharged patients as part of an illegal scheme to secure sales. The lawsuit was filed on Monday in Tacoma, WA, federal court by 3 purchasers of the EpiPen, according to The Wall Street Journal. The lawsuit claims that Mylan engaged in a scheme with pharmacy benefit managers to monopolize the market and overcharge consumers. In 2007, a 2-pack of the EpiPen cost less than $100, but the price jumped to more than $600.

A newly released study from the CDC found that children vaccinated in recent years had a reduced risk of dying from the flu. In a study published in Pediatrics, investigators used data from 4 flu seasons between 2010 and 2014. The results of the study showed that flu vaccinations reduced the risk of flu-associated death by half in children with underlying high-risk medical conditions, and by nearly two-thirds among healthy children. “These results reinforce the need to increase influenza vaccination coverage, especially among children at increased risk of influenza-related complications and death,” the authors concluded. The findings further support the CDC’s recommendations that all individuals older than 6 months should receive an annual flu shot to help prevent potentially severe complications from influenza, The Washington Post reported.

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