Trending News Today: Revised Healthcare Reform Bill Could Axe Pre-existing Condition Coverage

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For many patients with drug misuse disorders, transitioning from rehabilitation back to the home can trigger a relapse. This renders the progress made during treatment ineffective and can leave patients vulnerable to an overdose or death. In-home recovery care has the potential to help individuals stay sober at home, which would prevent relapses, according to Kaiser Health News. These programs treat patients with drug misuse disorders as they would a chronic illness. Programs run by Aware Recovery Care provides support with nurses, physicians, a therapist, peer support, meetings, and a case manager to ensure that patients are receiving adequate care, Kaiser reported.

As President Donald Trump’s 100th day in office approaches, GOP lawmakers have yet to pass any major legislation, which was the inspiration for the renewed push for the American Health Care Act (AHCA). While House officials had hoped for a vote today, the uncertainty of lawmakers regarding the bill has caused the vote to be pushed, according to The New York Times. The newly revised bill won the support of conservatives, but threatened to marginalize moderates, whose support is equally as important, the article noted.

Moderate GOP lawmakers are largely not voicing support for the revised AHCA over concerns that the law may threaten access to care for patients with pre-existing conditions, Politico reported. The latest round of revisions was meant to garner more support for the bill. With the bill moving towards the conservative end of the spectrum, more moderates feel that the bill would result in more Americans becoming uninsured.