Trending News Today: Rare Form of Cancer Linked to Breast Implants

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Following a Delaware judge’s refusal to extend a ban blocking Cigna from ending a proposed merger deal with Anthem, the health insurance giant will pursue claims against Cigna for allegedly sabotaging the merger agreement and causing massive damages. According to the Los Angeles Times, Anthem said the merger would have helped the companies negotiate better prices with pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, and physicians groups. But the proposal drew heavy criticism, with arguments that it would provide fewer health insurance choices for consumers. In response, Cigna stated that Anthem willfully breached its obligation to get regulatory approval and plans to seek a $1.85 billion termination fee for more than $13 billion in damages from Anthem.

Nearly all cases of anaplastic large-cell lymphoma have been linked to breast implants, the New York Times reported. Women with implants who are not experiencing any issues should continue routine care and do not need to remove the implants, according to the FDA. However, symptoms that include breast pain, swelling, fluid buildup, or lumps should be taken seriously. To treat patients diagnosed with this rare cancer, both implants should be removed regardless of whether or not only 1 implant is causing problems, and the capsules of scar tissues should be fully removed. In approximately 85% of cases, the disease did not spread beyond the tissue around the implants, and surgery alone appeared to cure it, according to the NY Times.

Virginia will receive nearly $10 million to help fight the opioid epidemic, according to The Washington Post. On Friday, the office of Gov Terry McAuliffe said the state received a $9.76 million grant to purchase medication, provide support to medical staff who prescribe and oversee clinical treatment, and remove barriers to access.