Trending News Today: Psoriasis Associated with Higher Risk of Mental Health Disorders

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A new study found that psoriasis may be associated with a greater risk of developing mental health disorders, MD Magazine reported. According to the article, 12,762 patients in the study had psoriasis. Among these patients, anxiety was the most common mental health condition followed by somatoform, neurotic, and nonorganic sleep disorders, which had a 2-plus-fold greater risk of developing. Among depressive episodes; anxiety disorders; somatoform disorders; neurotic disorders; and nonorganic sleep disorders, diagnoses took an average of 196.7; 86.1; 86.3; 224.2; and 94.2 days, respectively, the article reported.

A federal judge is ordering the FDA to speed up its review of e-cigarettes on the US market, The Associated Press reported. According to the article, the ruling states that the agency shirked its legal duty when it postponed a review of all US vaping products by several years. Under the ruling, public health groups and the FDA must submit plans for moving forward with product reviews within 30 days, the article reported.

On Thursday, 5 more US states filed lawsuits accusing Purdue Pharma of illegally marketing and selling opioids, Reuters reported. According to the article, Iowa, Kansas, West Virginia, and Wisconsin joined 39 states to file lawsuits targeting the opioid manufacturer and its leaders. Officials accused Purdue of repeatedly making false and deceptive claims that opioids were safe for a wide range of patients seeking to reduce pain, the article reported.

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