Trending News Today: Potential ACA Repeal Creates Enrollment Surge

Top news of the day from across the health care landscape.

Donald Trump vowing to repeal the Affordable Care Act has gained a lot of support from many citizens, but some who are insured through the marketplaces are wondering if they should bother to sign up for coverage for the coming year. Due to the complexity of altering the health law, it is unlikely that any changes will occur in 2017, Kaiser Health News reported. The repeal may also not indicate that consumers will lose health plan subsidies either.

Thus far, more individuals signed up for a health plan on the Affordable Care Act the day after Donald Trump won the election than since enrollment began this month. More than 100,000 individuals signed up on Wednesday, according to the Los Angeles Times. The surge of enrollments is likely due to campaign promises that the health law would be repealed, and individuals fearing that if they waited they would not be able to sign up.

Since the election, women have written on social media that they have been rushing to receive long-acting contraceptives, such as IUDs. These women are afraid that the new administration may end free contraceptive, cut abortion funding, and cut funding for reproductive health. These long-acting contraceptives will typically last longer than the 4-year presidency, with some lasting as long as 12 years, according to NPR.