Trending News Today: Opioid Epidemic Causes Burden on Foster Care System

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The opioid epidemic not only affects those who use the drugs, but also their children, who may be put in foster care if their parents are unable to stop using opioids, according to Kaiser Health News. Data from the Department of Health and Human Services show that the number of children entering foster care increased 8% between October 2012 and September 2015, which is when opioid misuse spiked. While more recent data are not available, experts project that the number has continued to increase, according to the article.

Yesterday, Mylan and the federal government finalized a settlement for $465 million, USA Today reported. In the lawsuit, Mylan was accused of overcharging Medicaid for the EpiPen by improperly classifying the drug as a generic. The settlement resolves Medicaid rebate liability claims for the government and hospitals and also allocates funds to Medicaid programs in the 50 states, according to the article.

Yesterday, House Democrats announced they were starting an investigation into why multiple sclerosis (MS) drug costs nearly quintupled since 2004, according to Reuters. The Representatives sent letters to Bayer, Biogen, Merck, Novartis, Roche, Sanofi, and Teva Pharmaceuticals inquiring about the costs for their MS treatments. The letter also asked if the prices were raised to keep in line with their competitors, according to the article. Drug costs have been a controversial topic recently, prompting an analysis of many pharmaceutical pricing strategies.

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