Trending News Today: Obamacare Premiums Will Rise 15% in 2019

Top news of the day from across the health care landscape.

Obamacare premiums are expected to rise an average of 15% next year, largely due to the GOP’s repeal of the law’s individual mandate, The Hill reported. According to a Congressional Budget Office (CBO) analysis, the CBO estimates that cutting the requirement that Americans have health insurance will contribute to an approximately 10% rise in premiums for 2019, the article reported. The article stated that the nonpartisan agency attributed the rest of the increase to rising health care costs and the lack of insurers receiving a key Obamacare payment compensating them for subsidizing out-of-pocket costs for certain enrollees.

The FDA is warning consumers about the dangers of OTC teething products containing benzocaine, the Associated Press reported. According to the article, the agency has asked manufacturers to stop selling their products intended for babies and toddlers, and said it will take legal action against those that don’t voluntarily remove their products for young children. Benzocaine can cause rare but deadly adverse effects in children, especially those 2 years and younger, the article reported.

New government data show US death rates increased last year, indicating that 2017 will be the third straight year of declining American life expectancy, the Associated Press reported. According to the article, death rates rose for Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, flu, pneumonia, and 3 other leading causes of death. Full year data are not yet available for drug overdoses, suicides, or firearm deaths, but partial year statistics showed continuing increases, the article reported.