Trending News Today: Obama Pushes for Affordable Care Act Public Plan

Top news of the day from across the healthcare landscape.

Babies born to a mother covered by Medicaid are automatically covered as well. However, these babies need to have their eligibility reevaluated when they reach 1-year-old, and many fall through the cracks, Kaiser Health News reported. In some states with older computer systems, if a child’s insurance is not renewed, they are automatically dropped.

Recently, US President Barack Obama proposed changes in hopes of improving the Affordable Care Act after much scrutiny. Obama proposed creating a public plan to compete with private insurers and provide larger subsidies for private health insurance. The President also accused drug manufacturers of opposing restrictions on drug prices for monetary reasons, according to The New York Times.

At NYU Langone Medical Center, radiologists are taking part in medical decisions for patients. These radiologists have started participating in morning rounds in pediatric intensive care units, and providing analysis of new images, according to The Wall Street Journal. They also delivered reports to specialists that contain information beyond traditional summaries of the findings.