Trending News Today: Mylan Settles with Government Over EpiPen Price Hike

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Mylan has reached a $465 million settlement agreement with the Justice Department over allegations the company was overcharging Medicare and Medicaid for the EpiPen. The government stated that Mylan was informed it was wrongly classifying the Epipen, which caused the government agencies to overpay for the drug, according to The New York Times. From 2011 to 2015, it is estimated that spending on the EpiPen was $1.3 billion.

A new policy will allow the federal government to choose health insurance plans for individuals in the 2017 open enrollment period. The policy applies to those whose health insurance left the Affordable Care Act marketplaces during the last year, and aims to ensure individuals maintain coverage in the coming year, The New York Times reported. Individuals may still opt out of the marketplaces or select their own plans.

The average premium increase under Covered California will be 13.2% in 2017, which has prompted the state to send letters to individuals that encourage them to shop for plans. The updated “Shop and Compare” tool will allow individuals to see exactly how much plans will cost them in comparison with others, according to California Healthline. Previously, individuals did not know what these increases would mean for them, since the plans vary by insurer, region, family size, and other factors.

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