Trending News Today: Medicaid Expansion May Lower Premium Costs

Top news of the day from across the health care landscape.

Middle-class families may be sharing an increasingly large portion of healthcare spending due to changes from Medicaid expansion and additional subsidies provided for purchasing Affordable Care Act plans. Middle-income households are now spending more money on healthcare than anything else, according to The Wall Street Journal. The 8.9% they are spending increased 3% from 1984 to 2014.

Expanding Medicaid may be the answer to high insurance premium costs. A recent study found that among states with expanded Medicaid programs, Affordable Care Act insurance premiums were less costly compared with states that did not expand, The New York Times reported. By expanding Medicaid, people who earn below 133% of the federal poverty level can now enroll in coverage.

Mylan announced that it will offer coupons that will provide a discount up to $300 for a 2-pack of EpiPens. However, the coupon will only be offered to patients who do not have coverage of the drug due to high deductibles or limited pharmacy benefits, according to NPR. The limitation of the discount may not be enough to end the conversation about Mylan price-gouging consumers.