Trending News Today: Many Americans Not Using Tax Credits to Fund Insurance Premiums

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Instead of traditional prostate cancer treatment, many are spending tens of thousands of dollars out-of-pocket for a treatment with high-intensity focused ultrasound. While this procedure offers less side effects, the long-term effects are unknown, and many insurers will not pay for it. This treatment is the latest to spark concerns of whether limits should be placed on new devices while small amounts of data are available, according to Kaiser Health News.

Millions of Americans who purchase off-exchange health insurance may not be taking advantage of their eligibility for tax credits to help pay for their premium, according to The New York Times. These credits are available for individuals whose income is up to 400 times the federal poverty level, but must purchase insurance through Affordable Care Act exchanges to receive the subsidies. The high cost of off-exchange insurance without help may force some to purchase cheaper plans.

Despite the severe criticism the Veteran Affairs has faced recently, their hospital in Phoenix, Arizona is continuing to make errors that delay and block access to care. Employees from the Phoenix hospital canceled or delayed hundreds of consultations throughout 2015, according to The Wall Street Journal. These oversights were likely due to poor knowledge of the scheduling system or failing to contact the patients, causing at least 1 death.