Trending News Today: Legislators Prepare for Fight Over ACA Repeal

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Yesterday, the Republican Congress launched their plan to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA), although they will need months to create a comprehensive plan to replace the law. While Vice President-elect Mike Pence did not disclose any specific details to House and Senate Republicans, he vowed to repeal the ACA through legislative and executive actions, The Washington Post reported. At the same time, President Barack Obama met with House and Senate Democrats to recommend they remain uninvolved with creating the new plan.

Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) cast a vote against repealing the ACA due to federal budget increases included in the proposal, according to USA Today. The vote was largely in favor of the repeal, with Sen Paul being the only Republican to oppose the proposal. He believes that increasing the budget just to repeal the ACA is not a smart move, and predicts that it will damage the economy, according to the report.

Peer recovery coaches who had substance use disorders could be the key to stopping the opioid epidemic. These individuals work with others who have substance use disorders to help them learn to live without drugs or alcohol, including activities such as socialization, according to Kaiser Health News. Peer recovery coaches can provide support and hope for their clients, despite their history of drug use, and may prevent individuals from relapsing and overdosing.

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