Trending News Today: Lawsuit Alleges UnitedHealth Group Defrauded Medicare

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The Department of Justice recently joined a lawsuit that alleges UnitedHealth Group and associated plans fraudulently charged Medicare millions of dollars. UnitedHealth Group is accused of overcharging Medicare through claiming patients were sicker than they actually were since at least 2006, according to Modern Healthcare. The insurer claims that these allegations are false, and they are committed to serving Medicare beneficiaries.

The United States recently began pressuring China to take action against a synthetic opioid that has been smuggled into the country, according to The Wall Street Journal. Carfentanil is linked to at least 700 overdose related deaths in Ohio, Michigan, and Florida. This drug has emerged in the midst of the opioid epidemic and is extremely potent, which makes it more susceptible to misuse.

Lawmakers who support the tobacco industry are proposing legislation to ease restrictions regarding e-cigarettes that were implemented by former President Barack Obama. One of the contested regulations requires companies to disclose their ingredients to ensure that their product meet certain standards, according to Stat. Lawmakers said that e-cigarettes are a promising way for individuals to reduce their tobacco smoking, but opponents counter that it is an avenue to expand access to children.

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