Trending News Today: Lawmakers Work to Finalize ACA Replacement Plan

Top news of the day from across the healthcare landscape.

A draft proposal of the GOP’s Affordable Care Act (ACA) replacement plan would remove subsidies and Medicaid Expansion, according to Politico. The legislation would also dismantle the individual mandate and taxes associated with ACA funding. GOP lawmakers plan to fund the replacement plan though limiting tax breaks on employer-sponsored health plans, rather than an additional tax for the wealthy.

Republican governors are not in agreement regarding an ACA replacement plan, which has also been seen among Congressional representatives. GOP governors are concerned over how the repeal will affect states that chose to expand Medicaid and those that did not increase enrollment in the program, according to Politico. Currently, lawmakers are pursuing block grants or capping how much the federal government contributes to fund Medicaid.

President Donald Trump is planning to hold a meeting with insurance company CEOs to discuss repealing the ACA. The meeting is expected to be centered around gaining support for the GOP ACA replacement plan, according to The Wall Street Journal. The plan would introduce age-adjusted tax credits and increase the utilization of health savings accounts, but did not address how they would encourage enrollment without the individual mandate.

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