Trending News Today: Lawmakers Continue to Work on Healthcare Reform Bill

Top news of the day from across the healthcare landscape.

President Donald Trump is working to renew the American Health Care Act (AHCA) by discussing its potential shortcomings with outspoken critics of the bill, including Sen Rand Paul (R-KY). While Paul was extremely critical of the legislation, after his outing with Trump, he was positive that the GOP leaders were on their way to devising a popular repeal and replace plan, according to The New York Times. Although it is still uncertain how the administration will move forward, Trump is confident they will be able to create a new health law that can replace the Affordable Care Act.

Under the AHCA, 31 states that decided to expand their Medicaid programs would have lost substantial funding for the additional enrollees. However, some Republican lawmakers who previously rejected the idea of expansion are now embracing it, including those in Louisiana and Montana. Sen Barbara Bollier (R-KS), a long-time supporter of expansion, previously met with strong opposition, NPR reported; however, due to the recent election, a majority of the Kansas legislature moved to the center and voted to expand the program, which would provide insurance to more than 150,000 residents, according to the article.

In Michigan, lawmakers are contemplating passing a law that would require public schools to educate students about opioid misuse disorder as a way to combat the epidemic that is affecting the United States. The opioid-focused education would shed a light on the dangers of opioid misuse, including addiction and overdose. Other states, such as Ohio, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, and South Carolina, are considering similar bills, according to The Washington Post.