Trending News Today: Insurer's Profits Rise After Pulling Back on ACA

Top news of the day from across the health care landscape.

Boosted by a decline in medical expenses, Blue Cross-Blue Shield insurer Anthem’s first quarter earnings spiked by 30%, causing it to increase its 2018 forecast, according to the Associated Press. Anthem, the nation’s second largest insurer, said last year it would sell fewer Affordable Care Act (ACA) plans this year due to market instability and uncertainty, according to the report. Meanwhile, enrollment in Medicare Advantage plans jumped by 237,000 during the first quarter, while overall enrollment declined 2.5% due to selling fewer ACA plans, the article noted.

Lobbying group Americans for Prosperity is devoting hundreds of thousands of dollars to advance federal “right-to-try” legislation, which allows terminally ill patients to access experimental drugs, according to STAT. The 6-figure campaign includes targeted digital ads and national television ad campaigns featuring quotes from legislators who support the bill, including Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY), Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis), and President Donald Trump.

A federal judge issued a permanent injunction preventing the Trump administration from making significant cuts to Planned Parenthood grants that fund teen pregnancy prevention programs, according to the Associated Press. Last year, the Department of Health and Human Services sent notice to 81 recipients of the pregnancy prevention grants that it would be ending their agreements 2 years early. US District Judge Thomas Rice wrote, "The Court determines that the public interest weighs in favor of Plaintiffs, as it would prevent harm to the community...and prevent loss of data regarding the effectiveness of teen pregnancy prevention," the article reported.