Trending News Today: Hepatitis C Deaths Outpace All Other Infectious Diseases

Tops news of the day from across the healthcare landscape.

Humana announced that it may withdrawal from some health exchanges next year. The company, which is being acquired by Aetna, said that it will be making changes to its business for 2017, including leaving some healthcare markets, both on and off the exchanges or even changing prices, The New York Times reported. Humana sold coverage in 15 states this past year and these changes have been said to create more uncertainty for customers whose enrollment window is coming up soon.

The CDC found that the number of hepatitis C virus (HCV) deaths increased to 19,659 in 2014 and the HCV deaths outnumbered deaths from 60 other infectious diseases in 2013. The New York Times states that these deaths are mostly baby boomers who contracted HCV decades ago and deteriorated over time. However, these statistics were from the first year that HCV drugs were offered and many people have been cured since then.

The federal Children’s Health Insurance Program has not been restored in Arizona despite the proposal presented to the state senate. The senate voiced concerns that the government would eventually cut payments and the state would have to assume the cost. Though the House voted in favor of restoring the program, the Senate president would not allow it to come to a vote, according to The New York Times.