Trending News Today: FDA OKs Treatment for Excessive Armpit Sweating

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Officials with the FDA approved Dermira Inc’s topical cloth for excessive armpit sweating on Friday, Reuters reported. According to the article, Qbrexza works by blocking receptors responsible for sweat gland activation and can be used once a day. Dermira expects to launch the drug in October 2018 and said that it was not aiming for a large prescribing base, the article reported.

AstraZeneca received rapid regulatory approval for new uses of 2 cancer drugs, Imfinzi and Lynparza, in Japan, less than 6 months after the first approvals, Reuters reported. According to the article, AstraZeneca’s Imfinzi immunotherapy drug had been approved for use in lung cancer patients with inoperable disease that had advanced locally but not spread widely around the body. Imfinzi was only approved in the United States for treating such stage 3 lung cancer in February and is still waiting for approval in the European Union, the article reported.

A federal judge has blocked a Medicaid waiver in Kentucky, which was slated to go into effect on Sunday, that would have imposed work requirements on beneficiaries, The Hill reported. According to the article, US District Judge James Boasberg ruled that the administration did not adequately consider whether the work requirements and other restrictions would violate the program’s central purpose of providing medical assistance to vulnerable citizens. The state had estimated that the work requirements and other restrictions would cut up to 95,000 individuals from Medicaid, the article reported.