Trending News Today: FDA Officials Raise Concern Over Opioid Injection Abuse Potential

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Johnson & Johnson’s psoriasis drug Stelara effectively treated chronic bowel disease in a late-stage trial, Reuters reported. According to the article, both 6 mg/kg and 130 mg/kg doses of Stelara showed clinical remission in significantly more patients with moderate-to-severe ulcerative colitis who had failed prior therapy compared with those on placebo after 8 weeks. Stelara is already approved for psoriasis, psoriatic arthritis, and Crohn disease, the article reported.

Staff reviewers with the FDA raised safety concerns over Trevena Inc’s opioid injection, oliceridine, to treat acute pain, Reuters reported. According to the article, the treatment aims to manage moderate-to-severe acute pain in adult patients for whom an intravenous opioid is warranted. However, in an overall assessment of the abuse-related data, FDA staff reviewers indicated that oliceridine has abuse potential, overdose potential, and the ability to cause physical dependence that is similar to other such treatments, the article reported.

A new survey found that 62% of Americans favor legalization of marijuana, The Hill reported. According to the article, the Pew Research Center survey was conducted among a sample population of 1754 adults and showed that support for marijuana legalization jumped just 1% from 2017 and has doubled from the 31% reported in 2000. The poll also found that support for medical marijuana reached 93%, the article reported.