Trending News Today: FDA Approval Sought for Tobacco System with Claims of Lower Harm

Top news of the day from across the health care landscape.

Idaho recently issued new guidelines that will allow insurers to sell plans that do not comply with Affordable Care Act (ACA) rules, according to The Hill. The rules allow state-based plans that do not cover essential health benefits and other provisions covered by the ACA. Additionally, insurers may deny patients coverage or charge more based on pre-existing conditions, according to the article.

The manufacturer of a new tobacco product is seeking FDA approval based on claims that switching to the IQOS system poses a lower risk of harm compared with traditional cigarettes, according to the Los Angeles Times. This system delivers nicotine and features an odorless vapor that allegedly reduces toxic combustion byproducts by 69% to 99.9% compared with cigarettes, according to the article. However, the FDA must decide whether to allow this product to be sold and whether it can claim to be less dangerous than cigarettes.

A lawsuit in Kentucky is challenging the approval of Medicaid work requirements, the results of which could reshape the program even further, Reuters reported. The recently-filed class action lawsuit alleges that the work requirements have rewritten the Medicaid statute and violate the federal law, according to the article. If the court reverses the decision to approve the work requirement, the administration’s efforts to revise the program will face a setback.

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