Trending News Today: Cancer Beats Heart Disease as Leading Cause of Death in Wealthy Countries

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New findings showed that cancer has overtaken heart disease as the leading cause of death in wealthy countries, Reuters reported. According to the article, although heart disease remains the leading cause of mortality worldwide among middle-aged adults, the report found that cancer now kills twice as many individuals as heart disease in high-income countries. Moreover, the researchers noted that cancer could become the leading cause of death globally within a few decades if heart disease rates continue to fall, the article reported.

The FDA and CDC are warning about the use of e-cigarette products as more details emerge regarding the link between mysterious respiratory illnesses and vaping, Politico reported. According to the article, the agencies said that individuals in at least 25 states had the serious illness linked to vaping, with many of the cases related to marijuana products. There does not appear to be a single product involved in all of the cases, but many of the patients reported that they had vaped marijuana or cannabinoids like CBD, the article reported.

A recent study indicated that the incidence of childhood and adolescent cancer will continue to increase, with the burden of years of lost life to childhood cancer impacting low-income countries the most, The American Journal of Managed Care reported. According to the article, the study evaluated the global burden of childhood cancer in disability-adjusted life-years (DALYs) and considered the loss of healthy life-years to ill health and disability in addition to death. Globally, the study showed that years of life lost represent 97.3% of DALYs and only 2.7% of years lived with disability, while years lived with disability to total DALYs ranges from 9% in high and high-middle countries to less than 1% in low-middle and low socio-demographic index countries, the article reported.

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