Trending News Today: Biosimilars Show Interchangeability

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Shift changes among medical staff can lead to information about a patient’s condition getting lost and creating errors. A novel tool can potentially reduce these errors through scanning the patient’s medical record. It pulls the most crucial information onto a separate page that highlights important details, according to Kaiser Health News.

A recent study examined the safety and efficacy of biosimilars compared with branded drugs, and found that they are interchangeable, according to Kaiser Health News. The entrance of these drugs on the market could help shift healthcare spending from costly branded drugs to less expensive biosimilars. However, more studies comparing the 2 types of drugs are needed to better understand how they compare.

Despite multiple legal actions currently facing Theranos, CEO Elizabeth Holmes has presented a new blood-testing device at a conference. The device, miniLab, looks like a computer printer and can run blood tests on 160 microliters of blood, The Wall Street Journal reported. This new device is quite similar to their Edison device that caused the company to void all tests conducted on the machine from 2014 to 2015.