Trending News Today: Biggest Concerns for Patients in ACA Marketplaces

Top news of the day from across the healthcare landscape.

A majority of people looking to buy health insurance through Affordable Care Act marketplaces care more about how much the plan costs than finding a plan that includes their physician. The high cost of certain plans effect people who are healthy, according to The New York Times. These patients are more likely to purchase plans that are the cheapest offered by small companies with small networks.

Race and ethnicity could make getting treatment for mental health conditions difficult for black or Hispanic children. Only 2.3% of these children were likely to see a mental health specialist compared with 5.7% of white children, according to Kaiser Health News. However, mental health conditions were consistent among the 3 groups.

IBM and the New York Genome Center are collaborating to create a computer that can assist with creating treatment strategies for patients with cancer. The computers would be able to analyze genetic information and scientific literature to quickly create treatment plans, according to NPR. Information overload for the computer can present a potential problem, and so could speed, since cancer can spread so quickly.