Trending News Today: Battle Continues Between Express Scripts and Anthem Inc

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UnitedHealthcare will be participating in only a “handful” of health insurance marketplaces in 2017, according to Kaiser Health News. The company has announced so far that they will stay in Nevada and Virginia, but leave Georgia, Michigan, and Arkansas. The parent company, UnitedHealth Group, stated that they are considering leaving most marketplaces due to a $475 million loss last year.

The Obama administration recently warned states that stopping Medicaid funding to organizations that provide abortion services could violate federal law, according to The Wall Street Journal. These states are preventing access to certain healthcare providers of choice for patients in need of the services, the report stated. According to the article, many Planned Parenthood affiliates have filed lawsuits against states that cut funding.

Express Scripts Holding Co, denied allegations of overcharging Anthem Inc for prescription drugs. Anthem sued Express Scripts in March for $15 billion in damages claiming that they violated its contract. Express Scripts is said to have filed a lawsuit on Tuesday for unspecified damages, stating that they do not have a right to end the contract, The Wall Street Journal states.