Trending News Today: 18 Million Could Lose Insurance Within a Year of ACA Repeal

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Caregiver support centers are staffed with social workers, administrative aides, and volunteers who inform distressed family members of the services provided at the center, which are located in hospitals. These hospitals are now taking a greater interest in family caregivers as a way to reduce hospital readmission and adverse events after discharge, according to Kaiser Health News. If these individuals receive the needed support and information, they may be able to better care for their sick loved one.

The Congressional Budget Office released a report that indicates 18 million individuals would lose their insurance within 1 year if major provisions of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) were replaced, The New York Times reported. By 2026, the report stated that 32 million individuals would be uninsured, and premiums would double. These findings put immense pressure on Republicans to come up with an extensive replacement plan.

US Representative Tom Price (R-GA) has been nominated as President-elect Donald Trump’s head of the Department of Health and Human Services Committee. Price will be facing questions from the Senate regarding his ethics and conservative ideals regarding healthcare next week. This is the first time Price will be able to defend his nomination, and will allow Democrats to argue why preserving the ACA is the best plan of action, according to The Washington Post.

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