Trending News: Small Glass of Soda Per Day Linked to 22% Increase Risk in Breast Cancer

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A new study has linked drinking just a small glass of a sugary drink per day, 100 ml or approximately one-third of a typical can of soda, to an 18% increase in overall cancer risk and a 22% increase in risk for breast cancer, according to CNN. The main link was the sugar contained in these drinks, which is a large factor in both cancer and obesity. The investigators suggest that the public should stick to health guidelines that recommend limiting sugary drinks to a maximum of one glass a day.

The drug bermekimab could help improve outcomes in cancer, including reducing symptoms such as weight loss and decreased mobility, according to a study conducted through the University of Edinburgh. Oftentimes, patients with cancer have life-altering physical symptoms, such as loss of appetite, weight loss, muscle loss, and fatigue. Investigators hope that the current study will allow them to test theories about how cancer leads to severe malnutrition and weight loss in many people.

Changes in alcohol consumption can result in improvements in quality of life among females, especially their mental well-being, according to an article in MD Magazine. Investigators from Hong Kong found that quitting drinking was linked to favorable changes in mental well-being that were still apparent, even after adjusting for factors such as body mass index and smoking status. They believe their results validate the premise that curbing alcohol consumption could lead to improvements in quality of life.

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