Trending News: CDC Estimates 13 Million Illnesses in the 2020 Influenza Season

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Teprotumumab has been shown to reduce proptosis compared with placebo for patients with active thyroid eye disease, according to The American Journal Managed Care. In the phase 3 OPTIC trial, researchers investigated the efficacy and safety of teprotumumab compared with a placebo in 83 patients with clinically active thyroid eye disease. There was an overall statistical improvement in patient outcomes for patients undergoing teprotumumab treatment compared with placebo in both the primary and secondary outcome measurements.

The CDC has released data from the second week of the 2020 influenza season, stating that flu activity remains high, but the severity is not considered high at this point in this season, according to Contagion Live. The CDC estimates that there have been 13 million influenza illnesses, 120,000 hospitalizations, and 6600 flu-related deaths. The mortality rate attributed to pneumonia and influenza also increased from 6.0% to 6.9% but remains below the epidemic threshold.

Investigators have observed a link between maternal postpartum depression and a risk of pediatric and adolescent patients developing atopic dermatitis, according to MD Magazine. Using a database of approximately 5000 US children born in metropolitan areas, researchers found that mothers are at a greater rate of depression in the postpartum period and beyond if their child suffers from atopic dermatitis. The study authors called for continued research geared toward confirming these associations between the conditions, determining underlying mechanisms, and potentially finding therapeutic solutions.