Trending News: Annual Treatment for Migraines in Women Significantly Higher Than for Men

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A recently published study has found that costs for treatment of migraines in women were significantly higher than for men, according to American Journal of Managed Care. Italian researchers complied data on 548 patients suffering from chronic and episodic migraines enrolled in a tertiary level headache center to determine overall costs incurred. In addition to the correlation between sex and cost, researchers found that the annual direct cost incurred by patients with chronic migraine was 4.8 times higher than those with episodic migraine.

Child care centers in the United States rarely require children or adult care workers to be vaccinated against influenza, according to Contagion Live. Of 518 child care centers surveyed, 24.5% and 13.1% reported an influenza vaccine requirement for children and adult child care workers, respectively. Investigators encourage the passage of state legislation around influenza vaccines for children and workers in child care centers.

Lemborexant therapy could be another option to treat sleep onset and sleep maintenance difficulties in geriatric patients with insomnia disorder, according to MD Magazine. In a randomized, double-blind clinical study, investigators examined 1006 patients at least 55 years old with insomnia disorder. According to study authors, lemborexant therapy significantly improved both latency to persistent sleep and sleep maintenance compared objectively via polysomnography with both placebo and zolpidem tartrate extended release therapy.