Trending Healthcare News: Concern Surrounds EpiPen Cost Increase

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The US Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services recently disclosed which hospitals were paid $1.5 billion in Medicare billing disputes. The payments were as high as $16 million dollars, and resolved 346,000 claims for reimbursement before October 2013, according to Kaiser Health News. This settlement for Memorial Hospital resolved 3000 claims, and other settlements also resolved thousands of claims.

Emergency departments that specifically care for elderly patients could potentially reduce stress and medical risks for this group of patients. They can get more comprehensive care that can lead to more accurate diagnoses from physicians and clinicians specifically trained to treat elderly patients, according to Kaiser Health News. These emergency departments are designed to be quieter and reduce risk of confusion, bed sores, and over-medication.

US Congressional Representatives recently expressed concern about the ever increasing price tag of Mylan’s EpiPen. There has been a 400% increase in the cost of the life-saving drug since the company acquired the drug in 2007, and can cost as much as $600, The New York Times reported. Mylan states that the increases are due to product improvements. The company stated that EpiPens are covered by insurance, and they provide other discounts.