Top 5 Most Read Articles of 2017

A look back at the top articles of the year on Specialty Pharmacy Times.

Much like recent history, 2017 brought numerous challenges and successes to the specialty pharmacy landscape, ranging from potential new players in the industry to groundbreaking studies.

Here are the most popular articles published on Specialty Pharmacy Times® during 2017:

5. Bee Venom Potential Key to HIV Cure

A toxin in bee venom may put an end to HIV in the future. Read more.

4. OTC Allergy Drug May Restore Nerve Cell Signaling in Multiple Sclerosis Patients

Allergy medication may cause remyelination in humans with multiple sclerosis. Read more.

3. HIV Vaccinations on the Horizon

Scientists continue to pursue the development of an HIV cure. Read more.

2. Ocrelizumab Approval to Shift Multiple Sclerosis Treatment Landscape

Neurologist Michael Racke, MD, discusses the new FDA approval of ocrelizumab and how it will impact the future treatment of MS. Read more.

1. Amazon Disrupts Industry After Obtaining Wholesale Pharmacy Licenses

Pharmacy wholesaler stocks dropped significantly due to concerns over retail giant Amazon entering the pharmacy space. Read more.

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