Top 5 Hospital Pharmacy Articles in 2022


Pain management and the opioid epidemic dominated the top health system articles in 2022.

1. Alternative Chronic Pain Management Options to Help Battle the Opioid Epidemic

Rita Roy, MD, CEO of the National Spine Health Foundation, discusses some alternative treatment plans for chronic back pain to help address the opioid epidemic. Read more.

2. How Classifying Gabapentin as Schedule V Could Help Support the Fight Against the Opioid Epidemic

Michael Abrams, MPH, PhD, senior health researcher at Public Citizen’s Health Research Group, discusses why classification of gabapentin as schedule V might be beneficial. Read more.

3. Gabapentin Presents High Potential for Misuse

Although the anticonvulsant is not considered a controlled substance, some state legislation focuses on monitoring the use of or reclassifying it. Read more.

4. Study: Statin Therapy Shows Link to Reduction of All-Cause, Cardiovascular Death

The findings also indicate that that treatment may have protective cardiovascular and limb benefits for those with kidney failure and concomitant peripheral artery disease. Read more.

5. Common Antibiotic Associated with Rare, Severe Adverse Effects for Patients with Advanced Chronic Kidney Disease

A new study warns that fluoroquinolone could increase the risk of altered mental status and hospitalizations for advanced chronic kidney disease patients, though it is rare. Read more.

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