The Trends and the Trenches: Bridging the Gap


Have you ever noticed a disconnect between a reported trend in pharmacy and what's actually happening in the trenches?

Have you ever noticed a disconnect between a reported trend in pharmacy and what’s actually happening in the trenches? For example, a report may indicate that demand for pharmacists exceeds supply in a certain region, but community pharmacists in that region may say otherwise via social media.

Another example is value-based care—a hot topic that’s expected to significantly affect how pharmacy is practiced and measured. However, Pharmacy Times recently spoke with a small group of community pharmacists who had never heard of value-based care. Apparently, it’s not affecting them right now in their trenches.

Pharmacy Times is here to help bridge the gap between pharmacy trends and what’s happening in the pharmacy trenches. We strive to help you prepare for changes on the horizon and provide you with the latest news from the pharmacy “street.” When the trends and the trenches don’t seem to align, our print and online contributors speak up, but it’s also an opportunity for you to react to the discrepancies via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

Here’s a trend to prepare for: as Americans are exposed to more sun over the next several months, they’re more likely to develop related skin or eye health issues—and have questions about them. Fortunately, pharmacists are an accessible consumer resource on skin and eye health issues, regularly making product recommendations and guiding patients toward better health.

To support pharmacists in these endeavors, Pharmacy Times provides this Skin & Eye Health issue. Within these pages, the OTC Focus gives advice on relieving dry eye, the Rx Focus discusses new treatments for rosacea, and the Health & Wellness feature on sunburn sheds light on lesser-known factors regarding this all-too-common problem.

This is a good time of year to break out of our ruts and embrace change. Let me leave you with these suggestions for channeling your spring and summer energy into a positive career move:

  • Exercise your freedom to live and practice where you like, no matter what the market trends say. Just because the results of a survey or statistical analysis indicate few opportunities in certain regions doesn’t mean there aren’t some great opportunities for the right individuals in those places.
  • Seek opportunities to be entrepreneurial. This doesn’t have to mean starting your own business. Many pharmacist entrepreneurs work within their organizations and are rewarded for their initiative. For some guidance and inspiration, check out “6 Tips for Pharmacist Entrepreneurs” and “Are You a Pharmacist Intrapreneur?” by our online contributors.
  • Don’t wait for government, big or small, to solve your problems. That next piece of promising legislation may not live up to its expectations. Many pharmacists are taking action, without the help of government, to improve themselves, their organizations, and their communities, as Pharmacy Times demonstrates through its annual Next-Generation Pharmacist® program.

Thank you for reading!

Mike Hennessy

Chairman and CEO