The Importance of Specialty Pharmacy Data Aggregators

John Giannouris, vice president, Specialty Pharmacy Services, ValueCentric, discusses how data aggregators work with pharmacies and manufacturers to boost patient support services.

As data aggregators, we don’t just work…we work on behalf of the manufacturer and provide a lot of services to the manufacturer, but that does not mean we don’t also provide services to the pharmacies. We work hard at ValueCentric at having really good relationships with the pharmacies we work with on behalf of the manufacturer. We are a data and analytics company, so one of the ways we try to help specialty pharmacies out, when we’re working with manufacturers in particular, is giving them access to the analytics on their data, based on what a manufacturer is willing to share.

So, were bound by the agreement we have with the manufacturer when we’re managing specialty pharmacy data, but if a manufacturer’s open to it, we can open up our analytics platform and allow the pharmacies to use the data that they’ve provided us and do some analytics on their own. As one example, when a manufacturer notices that a patient may be hung up in a certain status for a long period of time, the manufacturer makes a phone call to the pharmacy and says, "Hey, why is this patient hung up for 8 and a half days, what’s going on with this patient?"

Well, if the pharmacy was looking at the same report that the manufacturer was looking at, they’d actually be able to see that a patient was hung up, and they can be alerted before the manufacturer picks up the phone and makes a phone call. So, that’s some of the ways we can help as a data aggregator when we’re working on behalf as a manufacturer is giving access to the pharmacies, giving them analytics so that they could be proactive in addressing a potential problem.