The Fit Pharmacist: Tips for Improving Sleep


Adam Martin, PharmD and founder of The Fit Pharmacist, gives his tips for improving your sleep.

Adam Martin, PharmD: Hi, I’m Adam Martin, founder of The Fit Pharmacist. As a pharmacist, I’m often asked, “What’s the best pill for sleep?” Believe it or not, the best solution does not lay in a pill, capsule, or liquid, but in what is known as sleep hygiene. Just as brushing your teeth and washing your hands helps your health, so will these 10 tips to improve your sleep.

Step 1 is to set the mood. When it comes to maximizing your sleep environment, darkness rules. Room-darkening blinds are a simple solution that will be a game-changer for your Z’s.

Step 2 is to keep things quiet. Turn off the TV, press pause on the music, and allow your mind to rewind.

Step 3 is to go into do not disturb mode. Set up your phone to silence notifications automatically at night. Don’t worry, the world will still be ok.

Step 4 is to cool it on the coffee. Try to nix the caffeine intake roughly 6 hours before bedtime for maximal slumber.

Step 5: Timing is everything. Having the same bedtimes and wake-up times each day will allow you to sleep soundly, according to the National Sleep Foundation.

Step 6 is to drop it like it’s hot. Being too hot is just uncomfortable, and it affects the quality of your sleep. Try turning down the thermostat just a little before bedtime.

Step 7 is to be a creature of habit. The most well-rested people end their day with a nighttime ritual, such as drinking herbal tea, gentle stretching, or meditation.

Step 8 is to seize the day, and seize your slumber. Rubin Naiman, a clinical psychologist specializing in integrative sleep and dream medicine, says, “There’s a strong relationship between the depth of our sleep at night, and the heights of our passions during the day.”

Step 9 is to lighten up. Numerous studies related to sleep show that spending too much time in artificial light throws the body’s circadian biological clock off. Get some natural sunlight by going for a walk outside, which also helps with your fitness.

Step 10 is to kiss the cook. About 2 hours before bed, consider having a light meal, avoiding fatty and sugary foods. That satiety can help make room for those Z’s.

All this talk about sleep and I think it’s time for my sleepy time. Thanks for watching.

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