The Concierge Pharmacist Model


Calvin Knowlton, BSc Pharm, MDiv, PhD, and CEO, Chairman, & Founder of Tabula Rasa Healthcare, discusses his model for the 'concierge pharmacist' and what it means for pharmacy profits. This video was filmed at the 2019 NCPA Annual Convention in San Diego.

Calvin Knowlton, BSc Pharm, MDiv, PhD: So, it’s kind of like chiropractic back in the day, where they started in the ‘70s and weren’t getting paid, then they showed their outcome and started being paid by commercial plans and the government now. We feel the same way. We feel that concierge pharmacists should just rely on people who can afford to pay cash on a monthly basis. You know, it won’t be that much, $35 to $40 a month. And they’ll be tethered to the pharmacist, and anytime they want to change anything they’ll have their own iPhone that has My MedWise in it, and the patient’s regimen for their father is in there, tethered to the pharmacy. And if they go to 7-11 to pick up something for sleep, you know, Tylenol PM, they can put it in there and it shows their risk score. They can contact the pharmacist to say ‘What else can I do?’ So that model of concierge is a very tight connection; it’s kind of Velcro for the pharmacist to the patient.

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