A Case of Pregnancy Despite Infertility From Congenital Plasminogen Deficiency


Per Morten Sandset, MD, of the University of Oslo and Oslo University Hospital, discusses the details of a patient who had a successful pregnancy despite documented infertility due to congenital plasminogen deficiency.

Pharmacy Times® interviewed Per Morten Sandset, MD, a principal investigator and professor in the Department of Haematology and the Research Institute of Internal Medicine at the University of Oslo and Oslo University Hospital, on his presentation at the 62nd ASH Annual Meeting and Exposition. The presentation discusses research conducted to investigate the successful pregnancy of a patient with infertility due to congenital plasminogen deficiency who was treated with intravenous plasminogen replacement therapy.

In this video, Sandset discusses the details of the patient’s case, as well as why it would normally be inadvisable for her to become pregnant during treatment for congenital plasminogen deficiency.

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