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Pharmacy TimesSeptember 2010 Pain Awareness
Volume 76
Issue 9



Marketed by: NovoNordisk (Princeton, NJ)

NovoDose is a free iPhone app developed by Novo Nordisk to help health care professionals better manage therapeutic regimens for patients with diabetes. Pharmacists who download the app can access dosing guidelines for Novo Nordisk’s insulin products, including long-acting Levemir, short-acting NovoLog, and NovoLog Mix 70/30. Users can also review guidelines for titration, blood glucose goals, and product safety information. NovoDose is available to download from the iTunes store, or at

For More Information:; 609-987-5800



Marketed by: RIC International (Cambridge, MA) RxTran equips pharmacists to quickly and accurately dispatch translated prescription drug label safety information to patients who have limited English proficiency. The software supports more than 20 languages, and provides access to an online library of pretranslated directions for use and warning labels that can be printed at the pharmacy. Future enhancements will include access to consumer medication information, medication guides, and package inserts. These translation capabilities can be delivered as a Web-based application or integrated with a pharmacy’s management system. Patients with specific questions can also use RxTran’s over-the phone interpreting service, ensuring that all medication questions are appropriately addressed despite language barriers.

For More Information:; 800-240-0246

Mevisi Rx


Marketed by: Mevesi, Inc (Orlando, FL)

Mevesi•Rx is a pharmacy management platform composed of 4 “software as a service” applications—Messenger, View, Connect, and Portal. Each element works seamlessly within a single, intuitive interface that requires no additional hardware or software to run. Messenger connects pharmacies to patients, physicians, and other health care providers using the system’s automated interactive voice, email, fax, and text messaging technology. The View component tracks and displays comprehensive pharmacy and business performance data to drive informed decision making. Connect enables pharmacies to relay governmentrequired clinical and nonclinical information to drug manufacturers, patient assist programs, government entities, and other third parties by delivering reports that comply with standards specified by the National Council for Prescription Drug Programs. The Mevesi•Rx Portal allows physicians and patients to view and manage prescription services at any time through a secure, flexible, self-service Web portal.

For More Information:; 800-372-1560

Freedom PRO/POS Lite


Marketed by: Freedom Data Systems (Granbury, TX)

Freedom Data Systems has introduced PRO/POS LITE to offer smaller pharmacies a simplified point-of-sale (POS) system that meets their needs at a manageable price. Like its predecessor, Freedom Data Systems’ PRO/ POS system, PRO/POS Lite enables pharmacies to process flexible benefit cards, track products and deliveries, capture signatures electronically, and receive updates to comply with new government regulations. The system is easily installed and can be upgraded to a full PRO/ POS system for a minimal license fee and no additional equipment costs.

For More Information:; 800-932-9000

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