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Pharmacy TimesJuly 2009
Volume 75
Issue 7

IVR Handles Phones So Pharmacists Don't Have to Put Other Work on Hold

QS/1 (Spartanburg, SC) helps pharmacists save time and enjoy a less hectic work environment with its Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system. Designed for ease of use, the system integrates with other QS/1 pharmacy management systems. It stores customer messages directly in the QS/1 pharmacy system, allowing for retrieval of messages without having to call in to a separate voicemail. Streamlining workflow for better efficiency, IVR allows for automatic scheduling of refill processing based on pickup time, routing refills to a designated queue for processing, and the handling of physician response to refill requests via voicemail, fax, or electronic prescribing. Security is ensured by the validation of prescription numbers with the first 3 characters of the patient's last name, birth date, or telephone number-a measure that helps to prevent fraud.

The IVR system keeps patients happy, too, by reducing hold times and time spent waiting in line. The refill ordering process is simple for them to learn, and they can be informed of pickup times within preset parameters established by the pharmacy. The system also supports multiple languages, allowing pharmacies to provide efficient service to all patients.

For a product demonstration, call 800-322-7037, and select option 2. Input the Rx numbers below to hear how QS/1's IVR system handles various types of prescription requests.

6022918 No Refills

6022917 Refillable Rx

4409602 Refillable Rx

6022919 Too Soon to Refill

6022920 Expired Prescription

2209274 Class 2 Drug (may not be refilled)

For more information, visit, or call 800-231-7776.

Ergonomic i-Center as User-Friendly as the Technology It Houses

AFC Industries (College Point, NY) has added the i-Center to its line of ergonomic workstations aimed at turning small spaces into fully functional computer work centers. Freeing up precious space in a pharmacy, the i-Center is a wall-mounted monitor stand equipped with a fold-down keyboard tray and damper for smooth operation. A keyboard tray, with sliding mouse support, provides more space for the user. Laminated front and side walls come in a choice of colors and have grommet holes to allow for cabling. The Plexiglass front panel is removable and comes outfitted with security screws for theft prevention. The i-Center accommodates standard-sized monitors and keyboards and pairs with AFC's CPU holder to bring streamlined computer functionality to any location without sacrificing the commodity of floor space. For more information, visit

Remote Dispensing System Cost-Effective for Pharmacies

The new Remote Tablet Packager introduced by TCGRx (Powers Lake, WI) for long-term care pharmacies is designed to reduce inventory cost and medication waste by dispensing medications closer to their time of administration to a patient. Easy to use and maintain, the unit allows nurses to prepare medications for a specific pass time. A compliance pouch is the end product, which comes custom-labeled, pre-packaged, and collated for a one-touch med pass and easy cart stocking at the facility. The system also generates weekend packages for needed med pass times.

Pharmacies have full control over their business when servicing their customers through the Remote Tablet Packager, as medication canister filling and prescription order entry is handled in the pharmacy. TCGRx touts the system as a higher- quality, more cost-effective alternative to comparable units on the market. For more information, visit

Eyecon Keeps a Close Watch on Dispensed Meds

GSE (Allen Park, MI) calls its Eyecon "so advanced, it's simple." The dispensing system provides a count accuracy of 99.99%, while operating at a high speed and counting dispensed medication less than 200 ms. The vision-based system allows for identification of foreign sub- stances or broken pills on the counting platter for improved patient safety. With a visual open design, the Eyecon keeps medications in view and makes for fast and efficient cleaning after use. Extra counting platters for penicillin and sulfa-based drugs prevent cross contamination, and are stored out of the way under the machine. If excess pills are dispensed, the Eyecon quickly returns them to the stock bottle. The validation mode of operation validates all dispensed medications, including oral medications, drops, ointments, and creams. The system is kept current through database and application updates downloaded from the Internet and a flash memory drive. For more information, visit

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