Survey: 79 Percent of Americans Considering Getting the COVID-19 Vaccine Once Available


In a recent survey, just 36% of respondents indicated they will get the COVID-19 vaccination as soon as it is available.

A survey conducted by ValuePenguin has found that 79% of Americans are considering getting the coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19) vaccine once its available to the public.

An online survey of 1010 Americans with the sample base proportioned to represent the overall population was conducted between July 24 and July 26, 2020.

The survey found that 36% of respondents will get vaccinated for COVID-19 "no matter what;" however, 26% of the respondents said their decision will depend on the circumstances and 17% will only get vaccinated if it's covered by their insurance.

Further, 36% of the respondents indicated they will get the COVID-19 vaccination as soon as it is available, whereas 42% said they will wait at least a week before being vaccinated. More than 6% of the respondents wanted to wait a full year before they would consider getting the COVID-19 vaccine.

When asked about the perspective of vaccines during the COVID-19 pandemic, 40% of the respondents said vaccines are more important than ever to properly keep society safe from infectious diseases, whereas 37% have not changed their views at all, according to the study report.

Approximately 51% of consumers indicated that K-12 public schools should require all children to receive the COVID-19 vaccine once available and 49% said offices should require the same of employees.

Nearly 4 in 10 respondents said they are more likely to get a flu shot this year due to COVID-19, whereas 12% said they are less likely, according to the study report.


79% of Americans considering getting coronavirus vaccine- with some strings attached. ValuePenguin. Published August 10, 2020. Accessed August 18, 2020.

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