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Finalists for the Next-Generation Pharmacist award share tips for new technicians, vision for profession's future.

In view of the evolving US pharmacy technician landscape, 3 finalists in the technician category of the Next-Generation Pharmacist awards offered advice to newcomers and shared their vision for the future of the profession.

Magdalena Fron, CPhT, from AllianceRx Walgreens Pharmacy; Shayla Smith, CPhT, from Avita Pharmacy; and Sherry Wade, CPhT, from Baileyton Drug Company, were honored in Kansas City, Missouri, on September 30, 2022.

“The pharmacy technician profession is growing more every day, and they are expanding more of what we can do and more of what we can learn,” Wade told Pharmacy Times in an email. “I do [have] hope for the future. There is always a place for independent pharmacies because they are more personable and are there for their customers.”

Career direction and advice | Image credit: PX Media -

Career direction and advice | Image credit: PX Media -

Magdalena Fron

Fron said in a statement that accompanied the awards nomination
in the fall of 2022 that she selected pharmacy as a career because she has a genuine interest in helping others, a desire to solve problems, and a determination to overcome any obstacles.

In addition to dispensing prescriptions, she helps with system processes, develops time-saving strategies, trains colleagues, and is recognized at AllianceRx Walgreens Pharmacy for her leadership.

Fron said that her work leaves her with a feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction at the end of each day. Her advice for technicians is to have respect, not just for others but for themselves as well, saying that to that end, giving 100%, staying focused, and trusting one’s abilities are key. Fron also advocates for thinking ahead and having a positive attitude.

Her vision is that pharmacy will continue to evolve and become specialized to fulfill patients' health needs, she said in the statement. “The pandemic...[created] opportunities for pharmacists and pharmacy technicians to help patients in ways that were new and involved, making changes to processes and how care is delivered.”

Sherry Wade

Wade enjoys helping patients understand their medications, which is what drives her passion to learn and inspires her to further herself in her career.

“One of my greatest achievements in pharmacy was becoming a certified pharmacy technician in 1999,” she said. Then, after the Public Readiness and Emergency Preparedness Act was passed in 2005, Wade “felt driven to become certified under state and federal law [as a]…vaccinator…to help the pharmacists with the incredible load of COVID-19 vaccines,” she said in the statement.

Wade also contributed to the establishment of a successful medication synchronization program at Baileyton, which has helped patients with adherence.

Her mission is to make sure the pharmacy runs as smoothly as possible, allowing pharmacists more time to counsel patients. Additionally, Wade works hard to ensure that patients have positive experiences.

Her vision of the future of pharmacy is that automation and compliance programs will help free up time for pharmacists and technicians so they can further help patients.

“The best piece of advice I can give to be successful [in the] profession is [to provide] great customer service, always treat the customer like family, and always be willing to go above and beyond to help your customers. Always make your pharmacist’s job as easy as possible” Wade said.

“At the pharmacy where I work, our patients are a neighbor, not a number,” she said.

Shayla Smith

Smith said she is inspired every day by working in a field that revolves around math, science, and problem-solving. It’s also important that her work involves direct patient care and helps her connect with people in her community.

Smith was a 2022 recipient of Avita’s Everyday Hero Award, which recognizes employees who go above and beyond for clinics, colleagues, and patients.

Her advice for future technicians is to always excel and to treat every day as a fresh start, and her vision for the future is “to put a system in place where patient care, health, and advocacy not only become a priority to…providers but…[to] patients themselves and [thus help to] reduce the noncompliance rate,” she said in the statement.

The Next-Generation Pharmacist awards highlight pharmacists, technicians, students, and industry advocates who are helping shape the future of the profession through their commitment, leadership, and passion for their patients.

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