Specialty Pharmacy Association of America Announces New Additions to Board of Directors

The Specialty Pharmacy Association of America (SPAARx) recently announced that Gaston Bernstein, president & CEO of Biomed Pharmaceuticals, and Nuaman Tyyeb, president/managing partner of CareMed Pharmaceutical Services, Inc, will join the SPAARx Board of Directors.

The Specialty Pharmacy Association of America (SPAARx), the largest national trade association representing the broad interests of the specialty pharmacy industry, recently announced that Gaston Bernstein, president & CEO of Biomed Pharmaceuticals and Nuaman Tyyeb president/managing partner of CareMed Pharmaceutical Services, Inc. will join the SPAARx Board of Directors.

Mr. Bernstein has 25 years of experience in senior leadership positions in the healthcare industry. Prior to joining Biomed, Gaston served as vice president of industry relations for Coram LLC, a national specialty infusion and specialty pharmacy provider. Before Coram, Gaston served as national director of managed care for IVPCARE, a large Dallas-based specialty pharmacy company. Gaston has also held a variety of senior roles with various other specialty pharmacies, PBMs and pharmaceutical manufacturers.

Mr. Bernstein stated, "I look forward to participating and interacting with my esteemed colleagues on the SPAARx board while serving to help guide and grow the association in a meaningful and effective manner." He further said, "The SPAARx trade association is the perfect vehicle for all of us to do our part in helping to advance the business and professional interest of the specialty pharmacy industry."

Mr. Tyyeb brings his valued industry expertise that includes a wide range and depth of both financial and business skills. He has provided a number of years of leadership and support to both large and small healthcare companies. With an extensive background in finance, accounting and operations, Mr. Tyyeb offers a unique knowledge and expertise from both the provider and health plan side of healthcare delivery and reimbursement. Prior to his appointment as President and Managing Partner of CareMed Pharmaceutical Services, Nuaman served as its Chief Financial Officer in which he had responsibility and oversight of the firm's finances, budgets, and all billing functions.

Mr. Tyyeb stated, "I am honored to participate and serve on the SPAARx Board. This is a large and growing national association that best represents the business and professional interests of the specialty pharmacy industry." He added, "It has the most influential constituents and sponsors who can successfully petition specialty pharmacy as a distinct class of trade."

The SPAARx Board of Directors and other SPAARx committee members, which include some of the industry's most respected professionals, are working together to lead the specialty pharmacy industry by:

-- Establishing specific guidelines and standards for industry providers which includes recognizing the practice of specialty pharmacy as a separate class of trade; -- Communicating the value of specialty pharmacy through effective channels of communication and forums; -- Supporting the professional growth of our industry and its member organizations; -- Protecting and promoting the interests of specialty pharmacy by fostering an advantageous business and political environment whereby members can achieve their business objectives; -- Working with all of the constituents within the healthcare industry to overcome the challenges of the evolving specialty pharmacy marketplace.

Kevin Alder, chief operating officer for SPAARx, noted, "We are fortunate to have attracted this well-versed group from within specialty pharmacy." Alder went on to say, "As the foremost trade association representing the specialty pharmacy industry, the SPAARx Board has the essential strategic vision needed to guide the association on matters of importance to the industry." He added, "We welcome the addition of both Mr. Bernstein and Mr. Tyyeb to the SPAARx Board and look forward to their valued contributions."

About SPAARx The Specialty Pharmacy Association of America (SPAARx) is the nation's leading free-standing, national trade association, representing the interests of the specialty pharmacy industry. SPAARx is an industry neutral, mission driven organization that is governed by an independent Board of Directors comprised of senior executives from a diverse group of specialty pharmacies. SPAARx works to establish guidelines and standards to differentiate specialty pharmacy within the industry. SPAARx is also the leading advocate for important legislative and regulatory issues that may impact all specialty pharmacies nationally while helping to advance the professional and personal development of those working in specialty pharmacy settings. www.spaarx.org