Specialty Drug Usage Highlights SPT Week in Review

Top articles of the week on Specialty Pharmacy Times.

5. An HIV Cure May Need a Different Approach From Immune Control Treatments

Patients with HIV on ART may have high viral levels, immune activation, and inflammation.


4. Safety Concerns Arise in Thirty-Two Percent of Drugs After Receiving FDA Approval

Findings highlight the need for continuous safety monitoring of novel therapeutics.


3. Branded Drug Price Increases Outpace Specialty Drugs

The cost of branded, specialty, and generic drugs increased 8.77% in 2016.


2. Big Pharma's Biosimilar Stalling Tactics Coming to an End

The current outlook for biosimilar manufacturers shows significant promise.


1. The Misaligned Uses for Specialty Pharmacy Drugs

The use of specialty drugs for weight loss, building muscle mass, or for cosmetic purposes carries risky implications.