SGO 2022 Opening Ceremony Celebrates Innovation, Resilience Throughout Pandemic


Speakers at the annual Society of Gynecologic Oncology annual meeting emphasized the theme of building bridges and breaking barriers to advance gynecologic care.

During the kickoff session for the annual Society of Gynecologic Oncology (SGO) meeting, several speakers highlighted the continued innovation seen throughout the COVID-19 pandemic as well as the record number of attendees and sessions offered at the 2022 hybrid meeting in Phoenix, Arizona.

SGO President Diane Yamada, MD, discussed the meeting’s theme, “building bridges and breaking barriers to advance gynecologic care.” This theme was specifically selected to celebrate members’ continued work during the pandemic, both to move the field of gynecologic oncology forward and to address inequities that were brought to the forefront by COVID-19.

“Despite great challenges, members have continued to deliver exceptional cancer care around the world,” Yamada said. “There’s no better time to build bridges and break barriers than now.”

Co-chair of the 2022 annual meeting, Amanda Nickles Fader, MD, said there was a record number of registrants for the 2022 meeting, with more than 2700 attendees from 42 countries. She also highlighted the 4 invited guest lecturers, who will speak on topics ranging from racial and gender equity in gynecologic oncology to the widespread movement to re-define health care.

“Let’s all endeavor, at this meeting and beyond, to be the bridge,” Fader said.

Co-chair Sarah Adams, MD, then discussed the range of sessions offered at the meeting, including 8 plenary sessions, 4 focused plenary sessions, 13 in-person or livestreamed education forums, 16 on-demand seminars or abstract sessions, and 10 industry sponsored symposia.

One of the new offerings at the 2022 meeting were 4 master classes offered on the morning of March 18, with topics on advancements in rare gynecologic cancers; ways to enhance perioperative quality, experiences, and outcomes; and developing clinical research programs with the goal of closing the diversity gap. Adams said these master classes offered an exciting opportunity for attendees to interact directly with experts in the field.

Finally, Ginger J. Gardener, MD, chair of the Foundation for Women’s Cancer, discussed the exciting developments over the past year across the field of gynecologic oncology research. September 2021 saw the second annual Gynecologic Cancer Awareness Month, during which Gardener said more than $470,000 were raised for gynecologic cancer awareness and research.

The Foundation for Women’s Cancer has also launched the yearlong #MovetheMessage campaign with a focus on high-risk and historically marginalized communities. The campaign aims to take preventive action by increasing awareness of gynecologic cancers by disseminating vital information and resources.


Opening Ceremony. Society of Gynecologic Oncology 2022 Annual Meeting on Women's Cancer. March 18, 2022.

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