Secukinumab Demonstrates Efficacy in Nail, Palmoplantar Psoriasis


Up to 90% of patients with psoriasis develop plaque on their nails, palms of the hands, and soles of the feet.

Novartis recently announced that secukinumab (Cosentyx) significantly improved the symptoms of nail and palmoplantar psoriasis for as long as 2.5 years, according to a press release.

These findings are significant because it is the first time a biologic has showed long-term efficacy and safety in both nail and palmoplantar psoriasis, Novartis reported.

Notably, nail and palmoplantar psoriasis affect up to 90% of patients with psoriasis. The conditions affect the palms of the hand and soles of the feet and can dramatically impact quality of life, leading to reduced mobility, discomfort, and impairment, according to the release.

Secukinumab is an interleukein-17A (IL-17A) inhibitor that targets the cause of psoriasis. Previously, the biologic has demonstrated the ability to sustain skin clearance at 5 years for patients with psoriasis.

Included in the GESTURE clinical trial were 205 patients with moderate to severe palmoplantar psoriasis who were treated with secukinumab at doses of 300-mg and 150-mg.

The researchers found that 59% of patients treated with secukinumab 300-mg and 53% of patients treated with the 150-mg dose achieved clear or almost clear palms and soles at 2.5 years, according to the study.

Included in the TRANSFIGURE clinical trial were 198 patients with moderate-to-severe nail psoriasis. Treatment with secukinumab 300-mg improved nail psoriasis severity by 73%, while the lower dose improved disease severity by 63%, according to Novartis.

The researchers also found that patients reported lower levels of pain and discomfort, highlighting the quality of life benefits of secukinumab, according to the study.

The authors said that both trials demonstrated significant and sustained approval through 2.5 years. Additionally, these findings confirm the favorable safety profile of secukinumab, with few patients experiencing injection site reactions or pain, according to the study.

"Patients with nail and palmoplantar psoriasis need effective treatment options to address the significant impact these conditions can have on their day-to-day lives," said Eric Hughes, global development unit head, Immunology and Dermatology, Novartis. "As an IL-17A inhibitor, Cosentyx provides a highly targeted treatment option that can not only effectively treat the plaques caused by psoriasis, as evident by recently presented 5-year data, but also hard-to-treat forms and associated arthritic conditions."

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