Representing Pharmacy in the Best Way

When a new employee joins your pharmacy team, how do you represent your job or organization?

When a new employee joins your pharmacy team, whether it be a pharmacy technician, seasoned pharmacist, new graduate, or pharmacy resident, how do you represent your job or organization?

When it comes to mentoring, the most important thing is to remember what is great about the pharmacy profession and why we do what we do every day.

No company is perfect, and you may have had some bad experiences over the years. But that is no reason to slam the whole profession.

In general, the pharmacy profession has been really good to just about everyone who has taken on the role. When training and mentoring new staff, we must always focus on how what we do makes a huge difference to patients and the medical team.

If we stay on task with that line of thinking, we will set up expectations of greatness and accountability.

I do believe in being honest and authentic. If you are a pharmacist who has experience in different areas of pharmacy and dealt with some challenges, engage in a conversation that seeks to teach the new employee how to handle difficult times, rather than relaying a “losing battle” mentality.

There is always hope that challenging places and circumstances can be turned around, but we must strive to do our part to make that happen.

Everyone new has something special to contribute, and everyone has the potential to make great changes. Be the representation of pharmacy that everyone wants to see each day.

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