Remote INR Monitoring May Enhance Safety for Employees, Patients During Pandemic


The implementation allowed pharmacists to use online technology in anticoagulation clinics, which increased referrals and led to more accessibility, study results show.

Remote international normalized ratio (INR) monitoring implemented in anticoagulation clinics helped preserve safety for employees and patients during the COVID-19 pandemic, results of a study presented at ASHP Midyear 2021 show.

During the pandemic, anticoagulation clinics continued to treat individuals without any interruptions to their services, which increased referrals and led to more accessibility.

None of the employees contracted COVID-19 while seeing patients in person during the pandemic.

The implementation of remote INR monitoring allowed pharmacists to use online technology, and telehealth visits were completed to discuss the results with the individual.

Pharmacy technicians were also incorporated into INR management and saved time for the pharmacists. They were able to ask standardized questions and respond to the results for a pre-specified patient population via phone.

Investigators outlined the practice model changes that were developed and then identified stable patients who could be scheduled farther out for monitoring during the early stages of the pandemic.

Other practices involved included curbside monitoring and home visits. Scheduling patients further out was stopped when the pandemic proved to be longer term. Home INR monitors and follow-ups were then implemented.

Follow-ups helped determine what further changes were necessary.


Green, AK. (Management case study) responding to the COVID-19 pandemic in an anticoagulation clinic: a precipitance for practice model change. ASHP Midyear 2021. Accessed December 2, 2021.

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