Regular Exercise Could Prevent Cancer


Regular exercise seen to prevent tumor growth in mice.

In a study published in Cell Metabolism, researchers studied how running on a wheel would affect the health of mice.

Researchers observed decreased growth of multiple types of tumors, including skin, liver, and lung cancers in mice who regularly ran on a wheel.

These mice were also less likely to develop cancer in the first place, the study found.

Mice with lung cancer who exercised regularly did not show signs of weight loss related to the disease.

Researchers suggest these anti-cancer effects were due to the release of adrenaline stimulated by exercise.

Adrenaline has been found to mobilize Natural Killer (NK) immune cells. These cells are then sent to the tumor and either slow or completely prevent its growth.

Researchers also injected non-active mice with adrenaline or the IL-6 a protein secreted by active muscles. It was discovered that the non-active mice did not see the same benefits that other mice experienced.

Researchers believe that using NK cells could be a potential strategy for patients with multiple tumors.

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