Reflections on National Pharmacy Technician Day 2018


Pharmacy technicians across the country are being honored today in recognition of National Pharmacy Technician Day.

Pharmacy technicians across the country are being honored today in recognition of National Pharmacy Technician Day.

The occasion has been widely observed on social media, where pharmacists, pharmacies, and health organizations are expressing their gratitude for their techs’ hard work and dedication to patient health.

For some technicians, the event provides an opportunity to reflect upon their roles on the pharmacy team. In interviews with Pharmacy Times, the following technicians shared their thoughts on National Pharmacy Technician Day and explained why they believed their profession deserves to be celebrated:

LeAnn Bolster, CPhT

“I love what I do! I love the problem-solving involved, and I feel good knowing that I can make a positive impact in improving our patient’s lives. I chose to work at a VA hospital, caring for the brave men and women who have served our country, as my way of saying ‘thank you for your service’ to our nation’s veterans.

“I am also proud of the work I have done advocating for advancing pharmacy technician roles both locally and nationally. Whether I’m speaking in support of advanced technician roles to our State Board of Pharmacy, serving on an advisory committee for a local pharmacy technician vocational school, speaking to future pharmacy technicians, organizing continuing education sessions, or serving on a national VA pharmacy technician workgroup, my goal has been to raise awareness of the critical need for pharmacy technicians to step into advanced roles and fill the functional gaps in the pharmacy created by pharmacists moving to more direct patient care responsibilities.

“Pharmacy technicians play a vital role in the pharmacy, often acting as the ‘face’ of pharmacy to our patients, and work tirelessly under stressful conditions while keeping our patients’ well-being in mind. We are resilient and rise to the challenges of a changing healthcare system on a daily basis. National Pharmacy Technician Day is a great way to recognize, celebrate, and thank technicians for their hard work, dedication, and contributions to safe patient care.”

Kathleen O’Dell, CPhT

“As I enter yet another decade of working, I catch myself reflecting on the numerous jobs I have held since the ripe old age of 16. Most of them were just to fill a space or to satisfy my nagging parents, but since first stepping foot into a pharmacy on that spring day in 2006, I haven't looked back or into any other career choice.

“I am proud to be a Pharmacy Technician for numerous reasons, but I am particularly grateful for the many different people with whom I get to work. I have closely worked with physicians, nurses, medical assistants, insurance agents, residents, administrative personnel, and everyone in between. I have learned so many valuable lessons from all of these individuals, and each lesson has helped me in advancing not only my knowledge base, but my career as well.

“However, the thing I enjoy most about being a technician is the care I am able to give to each and every patient I encounter. In my mind, patient care neither starts nor stops with medical attention. Any interaction I can give my patients, whether directly or indirectly, is significant. Watching a patient’s confidence grow and develop every time I see them makes me feel like I am doing my part. Pharmacy is changing rapidly, and empowering technicians to make bigger and better changes in a patient's life is a reward that will be hard to top.”

Stephanie Jones, CPhT

“During the fall of 1998, I enrolled in the very first class of the Pharmacy Technology Program at Jones County Junior College in Ellisville, Mississippi. I was eager and anxious, but honored to learn how to be a part of such an important team. Today, I am an instructor for the very program from which I graduated. It brings me such joy to see former students being a mentor to my current students!

“Technicians are the backbone of any pharmacy. I have personally assisted pharmacists before and after I was trained, and now I see my students become a valuable asset because of their training. Any pharmacist will tell you that a day without a technician is a nightmare. I have seen technicians go on maternity leave, become sick, or out due to surgery, and the pharmacy that they work with was beyond thrilled once they return back to work. Things run far more smoothly when pharmacists have a trustworthy technician on whom they can depend.

“Every technician needs to be valued and praised due to their hard work and their behind-the-scene efforts. It’s important to uplift, encourage, and appreciate all technicians who often go unnoticed, and to inspire them to understand their worth.

“Happy Pharmacy Technician Day to all Pharmacy Technicians!”

Kristy Malacos, CPhT

“The landscape of pharmacy practice has changed dramatically since I first became a pharmacy technician 15 years ago. I am so proud of how far technicians have come in advancing practice, expanding roles, and performing to the maximum of our certification. It is a great time to be a pharmacy technician, and our profession will continue to grow and change as pharmacy evolves.

“What I love most about being a pharmacy technician is how each day is special. I am never doing the same thing two days in a row. There is never time to be bored in this career, and my attention is always focused on something different. I also love learning about all the new drugs, health care trends, and advancement opportunities for pharmacy technicians.

“Technicians should most certainly be acknowledged for our vital role in pharmacy practice. We truly have come so far in our profession, and should be celebrated for our hard work and contribution!”

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