Providing Transparency, Ensuring Understanding for Payer Access and Reimbursement

There's a lot of complexity in the agreements, so pharmacies like Health Mart Atlas provide reporting and resources.

Crystal Lennartz, VP, General Manager of Health Mart Atlas, spoke to Pharmacy Times about her session at McKesson ideaShare 2022, titled "Pharmacy Beyond the Pill: Clinical Payment Services and Reimbursement."

Crystal Lennartz: We support independent pharmacies in terms of unlocking that payer access, reimbursement, and just really providing transparency and ensuring that they understand the agreements that they’re subject to. There's a lot of complexity in the agreements, so we provide reporting and resources. A few examples of that are our My Performance Dollars module that helps pharmacies understand their DIR [direct and indirect renumeration] liability and plan for that, as well as different payment-for-services opportunities like medication therapy management.

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