Provider Status Bill Reaches 100 Co-Sponsors


Washington, DC — Today, H.R 4190, a bi-partisan bill that would increase patient access to pharmacists’ patient care services, reached the milestone support of 100 bipartisan co-sponsors.

American Pharmacists Association Executive Vice President and CEO, Thomas E. Menighan released the following statement:

“On behalf of the pharmacists nationwide, I would like to thank the 100 Congressional co-sponsors of H.R. 4190. This bi-partisan bill would improve access to health care services for millions of Medicare patients living in medically underserved areas by recognizing pharmacists’ role on the health care team. While the successful passage of H.R. 4190 is a priority for the pharmacy profession, it is most critical to patients.

“Medication-related problems have a significant detrimental impact on patient safety in the U.S. health care system. Millions of Americans lack adequate access to primary care at a time when health care services and medication therapies are becoming increasingly complex. Since pharmacists have more medication education and training than any other health care professional, patients need their care more than ever. Yet without coverage, patients don’t have access to important services that pharmacists can provide, such as medication management, chronic disease management, immunizations and preventative screenings.

“I am excited to see the progress that is being made on Capitol Hill to support pharmacists as health care providers, and thank each of the 100 co-sponsors for their support.”

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